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Are You Planning a Colonoscopy?

Consider participating in a clinical study to help us validate the C-Scan® System!

Check-Cap has developed the C-Scan® System to help fight colorectal cancer. It is a patient-friendly preparation-free test designed to detect precancerous polyps to help with early intervention and cancer prevention. 

C-Scan® is not available for sale or clinical use in the U.S. or any other jurisdiction.

Check Cap Clinical Trial US

Approximately one out of four adults over the age of 50 present with benign polyps that have the potential to turn into cancer over time. [1]

Detection and removal of pre-cancerous polyps can help prevent Colorectal Cancer (CRC), the third most prevalent cancer type in the world.[2]

[1] Corley, Douglas A et al. Clin. Gastro. And Hep. The official clinical practice journal of the American Gastroenterological Association vol. 11,2 (2013): 172-80. doi:10.1016/j.cgh.2012.09.010
[2] World Health Organization GLOBOCAN database. Estimated incidence and mortality in 2020. Accessed in January 2022

How Does C-Scan® Work?

Once the ingestible capsule C-Scan® Cap is swallowed, it travels naturally along the gastrointestinal tract while scanning the inner lining of the colon by emitting low doses of X-rays. C-Scan® Cap actively communicates with the second element of the system, the C-Scan® Track adhesively taped to the lower back, which records and stores the scanning data. During the test, a small amount of contrast material (Iodine) and dietary fiber pills are taken 3 times a day. The contrast material enables the C-Scan® System to differentiate between colon wall surface and colon contents. When the screening procedure is over, C-Scan® Cap will be excreted naturally, the patient is notified, and the scanning data is analysed using our proprietary software, C-Scan® View.

C-Scan® is not available for sale or clinical use in the U.S. or any other jurisdiction

Who we’re looking for

We are currently seeking participants who are:

  • The clinical study is taking place at multiple medical centers in the US to evaluate the efficacy and safety of C-Scan® System to detect pre-cancerous polyps

The Process

First Visit

Meet the research team at a participating medical center near you to ensure your suitability for the study

Second Visit

C-Scan procedure start


Undergo your already planned colonoscopy

Receive our Appreciation

You will receive a stipend for participating

Participate in the C-Scan® Clinical Study